This Artist can perform remotely!

Virtual Artists work remotely from their art studio via ZOOM. Guests log onto the virtual platform, and the artist draws the guest LIVE from the computer screen. Previously a guest would sit across from the artist during a live event. The only difference is now the guest is on camera from the safety of their home. The guest will “queue” into our virtual waiting room via the website or app, as if they were waiting in an actual line. Once the previous drawing is complete, the next guest in the queue goes online. The artwork is uploaded for complimentary downloading or sharing. As an upgrade option, paper prints can also be mailed to the guests at the end of the session.


Looking for a fun AND educational entertainment offering?

Groups large and small can have one-on-one art lessons with a live Disney trained artist.  We can theme the lesson and it is just like a “drawing 101” art class.  This has been fun with groups looking to channel a little creativity to their team.!!

Examples of work from recent ZOOM Cartooning Classes:

Learn the basic techniques of cartoon drawing during this beginning level cartooning class!

The subject of the class would be decided in advance.  Ideas can also be taken from the class, and requests can be drawn towards the end of the session if time allows.

(Advanced Classes are Available)

In-Person Classes ALSO Available!

Our professional artists can teach your group the basics of drawing and cartooning and can even let them join in on the fun!

Art Jams are a great, interactive entertainment option for events or team building sessions.  They are perfect for groups large or small groups and for all ages!
(Art Jams are popular for kids’ birthday parties and school functions).

This performance can be completely customized to fit your needs!