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Another ATG original product!

Blonde, brunette, red, long, short, and even bald, everyone’s hair, (or lack thereof!) is distinctive!

A person’s hairstyle is a personal choice and in many ways reflects their personality.

A hairstyle caricature drawing can capture a person’s look even without other identifying features.

That’s how we came up with Hair-icatures! Hair-icatures are an example of this and are a fun, new entertainment option.

Who needs a face to capture a likeness? Not our Hair-icature artists!

They capture your guests’ likenesses by depicting ONLY their hairstyles!

Upgrades available include custom branded paper, art protectors and frames, and we also offer digital Hair-icatures which come with an online gallery!

So show off your locks, and book one of our artists for your next event. 

caricature drawing of woman's hair

Take your entertainment to a new level.