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kids at a party wearing airbrush t-shirts

Having the caricature artists from Artistic Talent Groups was AMAZING! They made our event memorable, fun, and exciting. Kenny and Kiersten were great and I would highly recommend them and the company.

David Atwood Avatar David Atwood
November 15, 2023

We had Jennifer Elliott at our wedding to provide Fashion Sketches for our guests and it was a MAJOR hit! Everyone loved their pictures and I was told this was the best wedding favor anyone has ever received. Jennifer was so nice to all our guests and we would definitely recommend booking her for your event.

Jordan Hicks Avatar Jordan Hicks
November 15, 2023

Originally I went on the bash website to try and find a cariacturist for my 31st birthday party, attempting to find a cheaper but good artist. A couple years ago, my mom had a birthday party and upon further research we realized it was the artistic talent group that was hired. We loved their work then so we decided to reach out and have them for my party. To our surprise, it was the same exact guy that did her party was doing mine (Ted). I can’t speak on the other artists within this organization but TED?! Is the bomb dot com. His work is immaculate and his vibe is great also. I suggest that if you’re decided on using Artistic Talent Group, try and request Ted. Everyone loved their pictures and he was an AMAZING addition to my party. You truly get what you pay for, the only issue I had was that 3 hours was NO WHERE near long enough. Lol. 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend.

Channing Telfer Avatar Channing Telfer
July 15, 2023

The artists from Artistic Talent Group are beyond professional and exude pride in all of their work. All of our clients are constantly thrilled with their one-of-a-kind artwork. They go above and beyond for every individual. Joanie is always able to work through our issues, big or small! They always come of with fresh and exciting ideas each event. Thank you all for another great event!

christa porasky Avatar christa porasky
December 15, 2022

Simply put, Patrick is an amazing talent and he’s really easy to work with. He made our trade show booth the highlight of the entire show and helped get our brand on the phones of hundreds of people. Couldn’t be happier.

Jo Stapleton Avatar Jo Stapleton
December 15, 2021

I hired a body painter/face painter to do special effects makeup. This was a photoshoot for very high-profile social media influencers. Not only was the artist beyond talented, but I was also impressed with his promptness and understanding of the tight production schedule. The finished designs were fantastic. My client cannot stop raving about this and how efficient the booking procedure was from start to finish. Highly recommend!

Tyler Brassil Avatar Tyler Brassil
December 15, 2021

If you're looking for something to make your event (in my case our wedding) extra memorable, absolutely consider getting the Hit and Run artist from Artistic Talent Group. I'd worked with ATG through our company multiple times and attendees always loved it and I just KNEW it was something I wanted for my wedding. I splurged on having an artist for 5 hours (Ceremony through reception) and it was WORTH IT. I requested specific caricatures to be caught of me and my husband which Ted, the artist (PS. If you can get Ted, you want Ted!), did wonderfully; our guests also LOVED it. I saw a few times when he handed the finished caricature to unsuspecting family members and their expression was always priceless. This is also a wonderful "bonus" takeaway/favor for a wedding. If you're looking for fun, unique and out of the box, look no further!

Natalia Ramirez Avatar Natalia Ramirez
December 15, 2021

As a local wedding & event planner, I love the creativity this company brings to events! Their artists are so talented and create truly unique experiences for my clients.

Jennifer Browne Avatar Jennifer Browne
December 15, 2021

What a fantastic artist! Arrived as scheduled, our artist was very pleasant and worked very hard the whole time making sure everyone had their sketch done. Keenan was a true professional. The booking process was simple and straightforward. I'm very, very pleased.

Michael Reese Avatar Michael Reese
December 15, 2021

Working with Artistic Talent Group was great! We hired two caricature artists and one calligrapher and were blown away by their work. Everyone was so professional and incredibly accommodating. Will definitely be reaching out to them again for business! GREAT for virtual events!!!

Angela Talmo Avatar Angela Talmo
December 15, 2021

These artists did a phenomenal job capturing the personalities and small details of each person with their fashion sketches even when not really drawing the face details. I used them for a high school Senior class gathering and it was popular with both the girls and the boys! Highly recommend them! So fun!

Lisa Crump Avatar Lisa Crump
December 15, 2021

Jimmy from ATG came out to our Yappy Hour event at our apartment community. He was very professional, always smiling, and our residents RAVED about his drawings. They were absolutely incredible and definitely worth the price! We would recommend ATG and Jimmy to anyone!

Benjamin&Lindsey Crawford Avatar Benjamin&Lindsey Crawford
December 15, 2019

We hired Artistic Talent Group for our company Christmas party his past Saturday. They sent two artists. Both were personable and fun and each had their own unique style. Everyone at the party absolutely loved the drawings - it really made the party a hit! I got a drawing from each artist and will be framing mine. They were very good drawings and really fun. They set up early and stayed late. We will definitely hire Artistic Talent Group again. This would even be fun for a birthday party or any other event. The value for the price was excellent!

Stephanie G. Avatar Stephanie G.
December 15, 2018

We had 2 artists at our event on Sanibel. One regular caricature and one animalture- they were both fabulous! They were the hit of the party. The artists added so much personality to each picture that my guests said they were going to frame them. My guests enjoyed their time getting their caricature done it was almost like hiring a comedian also. Both the adults and the kids loved them-- Would highly recommend them- even if they have to travel to get to you- I will definitely be hiring them again!

Jennifer M Avatar Jennifer M
December 15, 2018

We hired Ted from Artistic Talent Group for our wedding a few weeks ago. The company was very responsive, affordable, and easy to work with. Ted was AWESOME, speedy, whimsical and added a very special touch to our wedding! Highly recommend!

Jo Nicole Avatar Jo Nicole
December 15, 2018

Thank you for helping to make our event a huge success. Everyone loved the Face Painting (guests and staff alike!), and the artists’ work looked great. As always, the talent Artistic Talent Group sent made us look great!

David Solove Avatar David Solove
December 15, 2018

Fantastic company to work with. The caricature artist we hired for our daughter's birthday party was a huge hit with the kids and their parents. Highly recommend!

Robert Kelley Avatar Robert Kelley
December 15, 2017

Ted was a hit! Personable, engaging, friendly and such a marvelous artist that we had a line right up to the end of the event. The caricatures were amazing and he did a wonderful job adding personality to them! A total professional, he had a smile on his face all night and made sure that everyone walked away with a smile. I would recommend him anytime!

jane hodges Avatar jane hodges
December 15, 2017

I have worked with a number of different artists from Artistic Talent Group and each of them have been incredibly talented and extremely professional. The caricaturists are personable and speedy and their work is fun and whimsical. The air brush artists work like the speed of light - creating hats and shirts for guests to enjoy. Artistic Talent Group is the first place I go to for artists because they are all so talented and fun to work with. They get my highest recommendations

Deborah Mintzer Avatar Deborah Mintzer
December 15, 2017

I was more than happy with a caricature drawing of my friends dogs that I gave him as a birthday gift. The artist captured every aspect of each dog and the likeness was so real! I was more than pleased and party guests all asked where they could get something like this done. I recommended ATG to everyone! Thank you so much for a great birthday gift!

Jennifer Haynes Avatar Jennifer Haynes
December 15, 2017

I highly recommend Artistic Talent Group! We used them for our school carnival. The were wonderful to book with and very professional. The artists were extremely talented and fantastic with all our kids. We will definitely have them back again.

Stephanie Holliday Avatar Stephanie Holliday
December 15, 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Artistic Talent Group for one of our wedding clients. I met Barbara at a networking event and was so excited to work with them at a recent wedding. The artist was friendly, professional and communication was on point. We look forward to working many more events with them in the future

Andrea Pavone Avatar Andrea Pavone
December 15, 2016

We turn to ATG for several of our annual events and they never disappoint. The team here is a delight to work with, so I'm sure we'll continue to use them again and again!

Sharlette Thornton Avatar Sharlette Thornton
December 15, 2016

I would highly recommend services from Artistic Talent Group. I recently hired a caricature artist for my boss's daughter's birthday party. He did a spectacular job. He was very pleasurable and friendly. The children and adults loved their take home drawing. Thanks so much, we will definitely use your services again!

Katharine Walker Avatar Katharine Walker
December 15, 2016

We booked a Caricature Artist for our Wedding, as a surprise. The guests loved it! Darla and her team were great to work with. Ted, the Caricature Artist was a huge hit; he's friendly and super talented! Neat keepsake and memory!

Matthew McFaddenhbbhGccvhjgg Avatar Matthew McFaddenhbbhGccvhjgg
December 15, 2016

I've used this company throughout the years (They used to be called Caricature Connection) and they have always done an awesome job. Super responsive when booking, fantastic rates, and top notch talent. My event attendees are always impressed and entertained. Thank you for your unique entertainment for my corporate events!

Brittany Collins Avatar Brittany Collins
December 15, 2016

“You did great! Our exhibit was the hit of the show. I loved how I had a captive audience while they were in the chair or standing in line!”


“Our staff ‘raved’ about the artist, and his interaction with people. He really gave them a top of the line product. Will definitely use you again!”


“The artists were talented, capable and so friendly with the students! Thank You! Great Job”


“We really enjoyed him – he gave his all and I mean ‘all’! Thanks for everything!”


“My client just raved about your artist. She was THOROUGHLY pleased!”


“Love to have the artist back – he is wonderful with crowds and children!”


“Thank you so much for the great job you did for our graduating seniors! Our project graduation was a huge success!”


“Everyone RAVED about you at our employee Christmas party. Thank you for a job well done!”


“Your artist was wonderful! Even in a horrible downpour, he was early to the event, which was greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your work!!”


“The artists were great – the kids loved having themselves drawn – it was wonderful the way the artists were so enthusiastic with each student – the evening was a great success! P.S. I have another Senior graduating next year and I will HIGHLY recommend we do this again!”


“Please tell the artist that we were truly pleased and grateful for what a great job he did for us at our party. He has a warm and pleasant personality that blended well with all of the guests, plus a great sense of humor that showed in the art. What a treat for all. Many are sorry that they missed the opportunity to sit with him and get done. Thanks again for a great experience!!”


“Many thanks to your artists, our Bat Mitzvah was a HUGE success. The two artists you sent to us couldn’t have been more pleasant and they were absolutely WONDERFUL. Thank you for making our event such a great one!!”


“Look forward to future engagements with you!”


“Thank you for being so warm with our guests. Your professionalism and cheery attitude was noticed and very appreciated. Also, thank you for being so flexible with your schedule!”


“Great Job! I will always recommend Caricature Connection!”


“You were the hit of the event. Next year we would like to hire four artists! Thanks for making Project Graduation a success!”


“Your artist was the best artist we have ever had, he kept our clients laughing!!”


“We want to thank you for your time and talents at our Appreciation Day at Camp Endeavor. The campers greatly enjoyed witnessing and sharing in your skills. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as they did.”


“Caricature Connection helped make me and my company look very professional! Thank you!”


“Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the artist on Saturday. He was, without a doubt, the hit of the festival. We had a steady line of people waiting for drawing, all afternoon, and a few adults begging for pictures after he was done. We hope to use you again in the future, and would be pleased to recommend Caricature Connection to anyone.”


“I just wanted to let you know that the artist did a WONDERFUL job yesterday! He is very talented, easy to talk to, and very Guest focused. We would like to track him down again and get drawings of the team members who were on vacation! I also wanted to add that I was impressed with the paper he used, as well as the bright colorful markers. I have seen some that were not as impressive. He was Great!”


“Thank you for the caricatures you made of my wife and I at the ceremonies at the Sports Complex at Disney during the festivities for Animal Kingdom. We have them in a prominent place in our home in New York City. Thanks for your talent, we appreciate it!”

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