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Party entertainment like you’ve never seen before.

Try Something New for Your Next Party

From birthday parties to an engagement brunch, every occasion is a celebration and it deserves something big. That’s where we come in.

At Artistic Talent Group, we provide next-level entertainment that you and your guests haven’t experienced anywhere else.

ATG is about more than just drawing pictures. We’re about engagement and personal connections so that every piece of artwork your guests take home is a treasured keepsake.

little girls holding up caricatures of themselves

Whether it’s a bridal shower with your 20 closest friends and family or a quinceañera with over 200 guests, we’ll find the perfect artist to match. Our graffiti initials and Fashion Sketch offerings are perfect for small gatherings where you’re looking to try something new. Our balloon sculptors meanwhile will amaze the entire crowd while our airbrush artists will have your guests talking for years to come.

Our artists have worked at every type of event and every type of facility, and we understand that your celebration is unique to you. That’s why we make every service customizable to fit your wishes. Find exactly the art and artist you’re looking for to electrify your next party.

The sooner the better! Reserve at least one week in advance to ensure availability, but the bigger your event, the sooner you should book. 

Yes! Our artists are experienced with guests of all ages and parties of all sizes no matter the service. 

Yes! Our license number is TA#780. 

Each service has different requirements which will be outlined in your booking contract so you know exactly what’s required of you. Artists will have all the necessary materials and equipment needed for their service. 

Yes! Everything we do is 100% customizable to your event and preferences, so if you want your name or hashtag on the artist paper or you want to add frames or art protectors, let us know when requesting a quote.


"A couple years ago, my mom had a birthday party and upon further research we realized it was the Artistic Talent Group that was hired. We loved their work then so we decided to reach out and have them for my party. To our surprise, it was the same artist that did her party was doing mine (Ted). His work is immaculate and his vibe is great also. Everyone loved their pictures and he was an AMAZING addition to my party."
Channing Telfer
Kids standing by sandbox at creation

The Best Parties Have the Best Entertainment.

Birthday Parties

No matter your age, you deserve to celebrate in a big way! So try something new for your next birthday party like an artist who will provide one of a kind caricatures of you and your friends or everyone’s name illustrated like never before.

At ATG, we have a huge number of trained and experienced artists, so we like to say we specialize in everything. So whether you’re planning a 3rd or 40th birthday party, we’ve got the art for you.

More services we love for birthday parties:

little girl receiving art of herself
kids at a party wearing airbrush t-shirts

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Go beyond the DJ and photo booth and find something truly magical to celebrate this joyous occasion. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are a wonderful time to get your guests involved in the celebration, and what better way to do that than through art.

Have an artist paint or draw the entire family dancing together or lighting the candles or have guests choose their own party favor with painted coconuts or watercolor postcards.

More services we love for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs:


A special moment in a young woman’s life that deserves to be commemorated. Make the next quinceañera in your family truly stand out by booking an ATG artist.

Have one of our ultra-talented and discreet Hit & Run artists draw your guests when they aren’t even looking so guests have a keepsake of their enjoyment. Our Fashion Sketch artists meanwhile are experts at capturing everyone in their best looks.

More services we love for Quinceaneras:

Girl at her quinceanera holding a custom caricature
Caricature of a boy graduating and riding a dolphin


Don’t let your achievement go by unnoticed. Graduating from high school, college, medical school, and more are all outstanding achievements you deserve to celebrate!

So commemorate it with custom artwork you and your friends and family will treasure forever. 

More services we love for graduations:

Caricature of a boy graduating and riding a dolphin

A retirement party is filled with laughter, heartfelt speeches, and fond reminiscences as colleagues celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new adventure for the retiree.

Have one of our ultra-talented and discreet Hit & Run artists draw your guests when they aren’t even looking so everyone has a keepsake of their enjoyment. Our Fashion Sketch artists meanwhile are experts at capturing everyone in their best looks.

More services we love for retirement parties:

caricature of elderly man fishing

What services do we love for corporate events?

Drawing of man dancing and drinking at a party
Hit & Run™

You won’t even know you were the subject until you’re handed the sketch!

Just act natural and let one of our skilled artists surprise you with your drawing. 

Caricaturist sketching people at a party

Ultra-detailed and more personalized than any caricatures you’ve even seen.

We do caricatures differently—Old Hollywood style, Animaltures, Pet Toons, and more!

KPMG-ATL-1 (1)
Graphic Recording

Turn your minutes into something you’ll actually enjoy reading over and over.

We take your words and turn them into a stunning visual representation.

Digital caricature drawing of a man

Completely digital caricatures!

You can easily download your Digi-Toons™ to use on your work or social profiles, print out, watch a time-lapse of the creation, and more!

No matter the service you select, you’re sure to be amazed with the results!

Take your entertainment to a new level.