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Pet Toons

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Pets Are Part of the Family

Our Pet Toons product is the perfect match for animal lovers. Guests can have a drawing of their precious pet or a drawing of themselves with their pet.

Our Pet Toons Artists draw cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters and any other type of pet!

Your pet can be drawn with their favorite toy or playing in the park.

Artwork is created using ink on 11×14 card stock paper, or you can make your artwork come to life with our digital timelapse upgrade!

Other upgrades include art protectors and bags, a digital drawing of your pet, and our GLOW upgrade.

Break out the black light at home because your pet will be shining!

Animal lovers are everywhere! Wow them at your next event with a Pet Toons artist. Plus, artists can draw from photos if the animal is not present.

four digital cartoon sketches of dogs


Take your entertainment to a new level.