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Name Works™

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The Ultimate in Personalization

People love personalized products, and what’s more personal than your name? Introducing Name Works™, an Artistic Talent Group original offering!

With Name Works™, our artists will illustrate your guests’ names to tell their stories, thereby turning their name into a work of art!

Each piece is individually created by a professional artist and is truly ONE OF A KIND! Your work will include the exact spelling of the name requested, along with a theme that showcases their personality.

For in-person events, we recommend initials only so our artists can create a unique takeaway for as many guests as possible. All artwork is completed on 7″x 7″ card stock paper using marker and watercolor. Full names are available upon request.

Name Works™ offers personal details, a cartoon character, and accommodates any name no matter how unique.

Name Works™ can be also modified for any themed event. Book now and watch our artists create these exceptional pieces for your guests!

illustration of the name jack
Illustration of the name Ryan

Order Online for A Truly Unique Gift

If you’re not planning a party or event but still want to see your name as a work of art, order your custom Name Works™ piece online!

Tell us a few things about yourself, and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind work of art from your name and interests.

This product can also include a cartoon illustration of the guest next to the name to further enhance and personalize each piece.

Looking for a Unique Gift? Choose a classic Name Works™ design or deluxe

Even if you're not planning an event, you can still have your name drawn by our professional artists. Place your order today.


Name illustration

Choose a background scene for the artist to create INSIDE the name.


Name illustration

Choose a theme and EACH letter will have a different background inside.


Take your entertainment to a new level.