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At Artistic Talent Group, our Caricaturists are not just artists, they’re ENTERTAINERS!!

People love to see themselves “turned into a cartoon”!  And that is exactly what our talented, *Disney-trained* Caricature Artists have done for 25 years and counting!

Caricatures are a great form of entertainment for all ages. No matter what the occasion, big or small, caricatures will make it one to remember!


a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.

Wedding Photography by Kellie Warren, Live Happy Studios


Walk around any convention floor and you will find the largest crowd around a booth featuring a caricature artist! Make your booth stand out by letting us “Draw you a Crowd!” Customers will no longer pass your booth. They will seek you out!!

As the artist is drawing, you have 5 minutes of your customer’s undivided attention.  Imagine, with that time you could inform your customer of product lines, show specials, new items, etc.

Branded Experiences
We offer custom branded paper with your logo, name, or event!  When show attendees return to your office, your company name will be on display when their caricature is hung!  

Get Creative
We have had our artwork used as a part of their booths!  Mars, Inc. used our artists to turn their customers into ACTUAL M&Ms!  A department of Walt Disney World used one of our artists to draw each of their cast members who now proudly display their caricatures on the wall!

Themed Experiences

Does your upcoming event have a theme? No problem! Our artists can customize their artwork to match any theme you choose!

Entertaining Experiences

Drawing in theme parks for so many years, we know what your guests want. They don’t want wild, exaggerated caricatures that make them feel bad about themselves. They want to be ENTERTAINED as our professional, engaging artists draw fun, cartoony likenesses of them.

Fast Experiences

Did we mention that Artistic Talent Group’s Caricaturists are FAST? This was at a private pool party at NBA great Shaquille O’Neal’s home.

Look at our Artist go!

Upgrades Available!

Art Protectors | Bags | Custom Paper | Frames

Looking for a Unique Gift?

Not having an event? You can still have a caricature drawn by our professional artists. Visit to place your order!


Commercial Illustrations Available

Caricature FAQs

Do you do color or black & white drawings at special events?

We can do either. Approximately 95% of the time, clients prefer black and white caricatures because more people are able to be drawn during their events. It takes twice as long for the artist to do a color picture.

How do I know I will get a good artist?

All of Artistic Talent Groups artists draw using a similar “house” style that was developed and taught by Keelan Parham, who is an award winning Caricaturist and Owner of ATG. Our caricatures are done in a “cartoon-like” style and are fun and exaggerated, but not insulting. Although each artist draws slightly differently the same general style that is represented on this website is used.

Do you give discounts for multiple day bookings?

Yes. You will find Artistic Talent Group’s rates to be very competitive! We offer special discounts for multiple and/or ongoing engagements.

How many pictures can an artist complete in an hour?

Our award-winning artists are the fastest around. They can complete a full caricature in less than 5 minutes!! Our special event caricatures include a full face drawing with the background of your choice.

Do I need to provide anything for the artist?

Yes. The artist will need two chairs and access to an electrical outlet. Our artists arrive at all events with an easel, drawing lights, paper, and all drawing materials.

I want to order just one photo from a caricature photo. Can I do that?

Yes!! Visit our retail caricature division’s website at can draw a caricature from a photo you provide. We draw individuals and groups!