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football player holding caricature of himelf

A New Level of Caricatures

Get ready for a caricature like you’ve never seen before.

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality caricatures with great likenesses to our subjects and most importantly, entertaining our guests while they’re being drawn. 

Our award-winning caricaturists have performed at special events all over the country and daily at our retail locations and throughout Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. 

People love to see themselves “turned into a cartoon.” And that is exactly what our talented, Disney-trained caricature artists have done for 25 years and counting!

Caricatures are a great form of entertainment for all ages. No matter what the occasion, big or small, caricatures will make it one to remember!

We offer custom branded paper with your name, logo, or event, and our artists can customize their artwork to match any theme you choose! More upgrades include art protectors, bags, and frames for your artwork. 

For your next event, caricatures can be drawn in black and white or in color. For larger parties, our artists will recommend black and white caricatures to ensure they can draw as many guests as possible.

Caricature of woman in black and white and neon glow

Give it a GLOW Upgrade

It’s the same stunning, one-of-a-kind caricature with a neon twist! 

Our popular GLOW upgrade is available on caricatures and will make your artwork stand out even more. 

Caricatures can also be themed to your event, and your corporate logo can be added to custom paper. 

More caricature upgrades include art protectors, frames, and bags. 

Order Your One-of-a-Kind Caricature

Not having an event but still looking for a unique gift? Order your caricature online with Caricature Connection, a division within Artistic Talent Group!

Our studio caricatures are the highest-quality pieces available. Send us your photo and we will create an original piece of artwork for you.

Our drawings are one of a kind and are not copied or traced from the original photo you submit (as seen on many other caricature websites).

We offer custom branded paper with your name, logo, or event, and our artists can customize their artwork to match any theme you choose! More upgrades include art protectors, bags, and frames for your artwork. 

Caricatures can be done in black and white or in color, plus six unique styles for you to choose from!

Get Them a Unique Gift

Caricature of man DJing at a party

Choose your caricature style


Caricature of person dressed as transformer

Our most popular style is the classic digital caricature! Our artists will capture the person’s likeness perfectly as well as elements of his or her personality to make this a truly unique gift. Each of our basic caricature orders include up to three personal items. 


Caricature of man on the beach

Take our classic caricature style and turn it up a few notches! A DELUXE caricature also captures likeness and personality. However with this style, you can add between 4 and 10 personal details to customize your drawing even further. 


Caricature of group of people ice skating

A GROUP caricature is a way to commemorate and reflect those milestone moments with family, friends, or at work. We can draw your specific group with any background or situation. Our talented studio artists can draw up to 30 faces in one caricature.


Caricature of realtor

A lively way to promote your business. Our commercial illustration department has created a variety of cartoon images for websites, logos, magazines, and business cards. Our artwork has been used in multiple marketing campaigns as well as for character development. 


Abstract caricature drawing

Each piece is a truly unique work of art created “Picasso-style.” The artist distills every face down to its essence. Sometimes this will cause the artist to leave out a facial feature (or TWO) and change the color of the skin or hair while STILL capturing the person’s likeness.


The perfect art for animal lovers. Some people show off pictures of their pets in lieu of children or themselves! This product is the perfect match for animal lovers. Our Pet Toons Artists draw cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters and any other type of pet!


Take your entertainment to a new level.