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Our henna artists are a captivating addition to your next event.

We bring this unique and culturally rich experience to your guests with our skilled artists.

Our henna is all natural. The henna leaves are crushed into a fine powder, mixed with water to form a paste and then applied to the skin. As the paste dries, the solution penetrates the outermost layer of skin, leaving a reddish-brown stain or “tattoo “. Typically, the longer the henna paste remains on the skin, the deeper the tattoo’s color.

As the skin naturally exfoliates, the henna tattoo gradually fades. Most people can expect their henna design to last 1-4 weeks.

Our henna artists are highly experienced and professional and will produce intricate masterpieces in a short amount of time. Smaller designs are created in 1-5 minutes, so as many guests as possible can receive henna at your event. Artists will arrive with a design board for guests to select the henna style and all necessary supplies to create their art.

Make our henna artists a captivating addition to your next event!

Henna artist and guest

Take your entertainment to a new level.