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This is the neon sign you’ve been looking for!


We have a passion for bright, bold, and exciting hues, so we wanted to put the spotlight on something seriously cool for parties and events.

So grab your sunglasses because this shiny new product is going to be BRIGHT!

There is no limit to how radiant you can be, so why not shine bright like a neon sign?  Our exclusive neon artists create fun, lively works of art with vibrant color that you can almost HEAR when you see them.

Neon Digital Art is a digital only offering. Our artists work off a digital device live at your event and can create each digital masterpiece in a matter of minutes.

The finished artwork is then uploaded to our website with a personal passcode for you to download immediately!

Upgrades include an HD monitor so other guests can watch the artistic magic as its happening, digital logos, onsite printing, and timelapse videos of each piece of art.

Glow with the flow and call us today to book one of our Neon Digital Artists.

We promise your party will be LIT!

neon digital portrait of man

Take your entertainment to a new level.