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Calligraphy is considered by many to be the art of writing the ideas of the soul.

Calligraphy literally means beautiful handwriting or elegant penmanship.

Transforming words into unique works of art, our calligraphers make the most inspirational quotes even more beautiful.

With decades of artistic experience, our decorative handwriting experts can help elevate your event with elegant custom place cards, favors, boards, signage, geodes and more!

Bring an artistic aspect to the written word at your next event.

This timeless, traditional art form is guaranteed to differentiate your event from all the others.

Experience artistic excellence with Artistic Talent Group’s calligraphy artists.

hand written table place card

Calligraphy by Lynda

Lynda Chandler is an Orlando artist and calligrapher.

She uses her beautiful calligraphy and lettering art to put sentiments and memories into words.

Providing custom personalization on a variety of surfaces, as well as creating pieces of artistic lettering art, she brings the lost art of handwritten communication back to life.

Take your entertainment to a new level.