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What is an Animalture?

Animal Drawing + Caricature = ANIMALture!

Animaltures are special drawings that morph your guests into their favorite animal.

We can turn guests into anything.

From an aardvark to a zebra to a character from Avatar, the choice is yours.

Animaltures are available in black and white or full color.

This spin on the classic caricature was created EXCLUSIVELY by Artistic Talent Group for Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

Animal Kingdom is the only theme park in the world that offers this custom product, which is also available to you for special events by our very own Disney artists.

Upgrades include custom paper, art protectors, frames, bags, and our GLOW option, so you can see your Animalture shine under a black light. 

girl having her caricature drawn as a giraffe

Take your entertainment to a new level.