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Graphic Recording

Take your meeting notes VISUAL!

Our Graphic Recording Artists—also referred to as Graphic Facilitators or Visual Practitioners—work hand-in hand with your group to turn your words into pictures.

These artists are amazing at distilling large amounts of information into pictures to help your group recall and retain what you’ve talked about.

It’s estimated that two-thirds of people are visual learners. Therefore, pictures in addition to words can help your group retain information better!

Our graphic recording service is also available as a virtual offering and as digital art. 

Virtual or in-person, the artist draws during the presentation or meeting on a poster or foam-core board at the event.

graphic recording of a meeting

Graphic Recording Options

Live Drawing

Artist draws during your presentation or meeting on a poster or foam-core board at the event.

Digital Drawing

Artist draws at the event on a digital device or tablet. The artwork is emailed to the client after the event. Monitors are also available.


Whiteboard Drawing

Artist draws on a whiteboard provided by client at the event.


Client's Concept

Client provides conceptual drawing for our artist to design from.

Description Drawing

The illustration is completed in studio from a written description and then emailed to the client. Graphic Recording Artist is not present at the event.

Take your entertainment to a new level.