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Scratch Art

Even through the darkness, every color can be found.

You may remember as a child coloring a piece of paper and then coloring over it with a black crayon to scratch out your piece of art.

Scratch Art with Artistic Talent Group takes this concept into the 21st century by creating your image digitally.

Scratch-art takes a black digital screen and turns it into a work of art.

The artist carefully scratches an image onto the digital canvas to bring forward the colors that shine in each of us.

We offer various backgrounds to be exposed after the scratching from single colors, rainbows, glitter, sprinkles, and many more.

We also offer onsite printing with paper options available upon request and an HD monitor for waiting guests to observe the artist while they work.

Contact us today to book a scratch art artist!

gold scratch art of woman

Take your entertainment to a new level.