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Napkin Art

Wipe that SMILE off your face!

No one truly knows when the art of napkin drawing began, but we like to think it started with our moms.

Remember the cute notes and stick figure drawings scribbled on napkins or paper towels included in your lunch box growing up?

Opening that lunchbox and seeing a hand-drawn note always put a smile on our face.

So, we had this novel idea. Why not re-create that same old-fashioned happiness for guests at parties and events?

Thus, Napkin Cartoon Art came to be.

Napkin art is a playful, creative way to put a unique spin on cartoon drawings. The artwork is hand-drawn with black ink on white 5”x 5” cotton beverage napkins.

Upon completion, it is placed in a protective sleeve. Request a quote today for additional information and to book a napkin artist for your next event!

woman's face drawn on napkin

Take your entertainment to a new level.