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Sandbox Creations by ATG

Florida is synonymous with sandy beaches, and now we bring the sand to YOU with our interactive Sandbox Experience!

Our sandbox artists turn your event attendees into artists where each person creates their own unique piece of artwork. They choose their colors and embellishments and place the design as they creatively desire.

Just like the special shells found on the beach, no two pieces are ever the same. Unlike a sandcastle that will wash away from the waves, this unique sand keepsake will last a lifetime.

Custom branded markers and accents are available! Check out how it’s done.

Step 1. Guests will start by choosing a mold impression and assorted decorations from various shells, sea glass, and jewels.

Step 2. While the guest selects the various decorations they will use, the artist will make the impression of the mold into the sand. Then, the guest will decorate however they choose!

Step 3. Once the desired design is achieved, the artist will pour a setting liquid into the mold and let it set.

Step 4. When the setting liquid has dried, the artwork is lifted from the sand, brushed off, cleaned, and rinsed to reveal their creation!

A variety of molds are available to fit any event theme. Custom molds can also be created for a nominal fee.

kids making sandbox creations

Take your entertainment to a new level.