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A calligram is an image created by text to visually express certain attributes associated with the image.

In this case, our artists will manipulate text to form a visual image of your guests!

The wording used to create the art can be ANYTHING! It can be a phrase, company slogan, series of keywords personalized to the person, family members’ names, a list of products a company offers, the brand message or even a single word repeated throughout!

Everything can be customized, from font color to word size.

We offer both Calligram Names & Calligram Portraits! Calligram Names can fit with any event theme!

Upgrades include custom logo drawing, art protectors, bags, and frames.

magnifier over a calligram

For Calligram Names, guests will receive a 7 x 14 printout of the finished work. For Portraits, they will receive an 8.5 x 11 printout of their finished artwork.

The guest is positioned by the artist in front of a blank screen as a light is positioned to avoid shadows on the face. Artists then “work their magic” to create a personalized portrait…out of nothing but WORDS!

Take your entertainment to a new level.