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Event Painting By Erin

Classic Event Painting by Erin is an upscale, artistic entertainment option. This elegant style of artwork is perfect for weddings, charity balls, and other events!

Erin paints on-site and artistically interprets the spirit of your event. She captures the moment of time between your guests and the venue, creating a unique piece of art.

Entertainment for your guests and a unique keepsake that will last forever. After the party is over, you receive an original acrylic painting that commemorates your special day.

Erin creates a custom piece of art as a keepsake of your special event. Her artwork is created in acrylics and painted on a 24 x 36 canvas. Custom sizes are also available.

Unlike other event painters, the client receives Erin’s painting at the end of the event. She does not take the painting with her. It is impressive what can be done in three short hours!

However, if additional details painting is desired, a deluxe option is available. If selecting this option, the artist will touch up the design and add more intricate detail in studio. The completed artwork is then shipped back upon completion.

Artist posing next to painting

Erin can paint on more than just canvas as well.

She was invited to hand-paint gift boxes on Mother’s Day at Louis Vuitton and has even done commissioned work in studio from a photograph.

Take your entertainment to a new level.