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Watercolor Canvas

Get a custom hand-painted watercolor canvas that captures that special moment. Our artists create a true to life replica of those beautiful memories ingrained in your mind and heart forever.

Our artists paint original pieces to match the theme of any special occasion, and guests are entertained as they watch our artist paint LIVE at your event. Capture that first kiss at your wedding, or that moment your boss presented you with an award! 

Watercolor art is a challenging painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. It relies heavily on the artist adjusting colors by diluting with water rather than adding black or white.

This blending of pigment with water creates a soft and beautiful look. Watercolor paper is typically made entirely with cotton to minimize distortion when it becomes wet. 

watercolor canvas painting

Hire one of our watercolor artists for a company event, and we can create a scene complete with your company colors and logo! The boss will love having this unique work of art hanging in the front office for all to see!

Additional color choices can be requested at discretion of the artist for the success of the final piece. Every painting is a customizable collaboration between the client and the Artistic Talent Group creative specialists.

All watercolor canvas artwork is created on an 18 × 24 canvas. 

Take your entertainment to a new level.