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Virtual Art Offerings

The Artistic Talent Group team has come together to collaborate and create virtual content that will engage your guests remotely. Our event offerings are virtual and highly interactive, where guests can still come together to learn and be entertained. No matter what you’re looking for we have a virtual event experience that’s perfect for you!

Many of our popular live event art styles are now offered VIRTUALLY! (Click an art style below for more details)


Our first option is similar to a typical live event. Virtual Artists work remotely from their art studio via ZOOM. Guests log onto the virtual platform and the artist draws the guest LIVE from the computer screen. Previously a guest would sit across from the artist during a live event. The only difference is now the guest is on camera from the safety of their home. The guest will “queue” into our virtual waiting room via the website or app, as if they were waiting in an actual line. Once the previous drawing is complete, the next guest in the queue goes online. The artwork is uploaded for complimentary downloading or sharing. As an upgrade option, paper prints can also be mailed to the guests at the end of the session.


Our next option is our sweet spot! Did you know we’ve been operating virtually for decades through our online mail-order division It’s simple. Customers email us their photos and the finished artwork is emailed back digitally. We were already prepared for this pivot, as we typically have hundreds of orders leading up to the holidays. All that is needed is a photo, name, and choice of background theme. We can draw ANYTHING! Guests often pick their favorite sport, hobby, or occupation. Once the drawing is complete, it’s uploaded digitally and can be printed or shared on social media. We can also brand each image with a custom logo.

We’ve also launched an exciting new upgrade for our digital orders. Our artist can actually RECORD your custom drawing as it’s being created in REAL-TIME! In addition to your completed artwork, you can see your drawing come to life, line by line, and it’s yours forever! This offering provides entertainment AND a special keepsake drawing all in one.

Our digital online order option is an excellent choice for clients who have an exact number of guests who want to participate. All images will be downloaded to for instant upload or we can upload completed drawings into a separate Dropbox folder.

If your client is looking to add a little extra entertainment value to their meeting, the artist can reveal all the images to the group via a LIVE ZOOM session. It’s always fun to surprise them with their drawings… even though the work has been done beforehand in the studio.


The entertainment industry has changed drastically due to the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. We know the top priority is the health and safety of attendees while still hosting the most memorable event possible. In doing so our thinking shifted to innovative new ways to engage guests. We’re here to make these new transitions easier. We’re here to collaborate. Whether you’re planning an in-person, virtual or hybrid event, Artistic Talent Group promises to keep guests entertained and smiling all day, every day!

Still interested in a LIVE event?
The majority of our artists can still perform their craft LIVE and in-person at small events!

ATG follows Social Distancing Guidelines set by the CDC.


Workplace health and safety is a priority, so we put together a list of best practices to ensure our employees, artists, and Guests remain safe during these times.  

  • Artists will wear facial coverings when requested or preferred.   
  • Guests will be seated 6 ft. from the Artist easel while being drawn. 
  • Artists are required to stay home for ANY of the following symptoms – fever, cough, or difficulty breathing
  • Load ins/outs will not be affected as our artists are self-contained
  • Artists will routinely disinfect any frequently touched surfaces/items with sanitizer
  • The use of shared equipment between multiple artists at an event is prohibited
  • Communicating our response plans and health/safety expectations to all of our artists