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The Best Party Entertainment Ideas to Take Your Party to the Next Level

girl seeing her face painted like butterfly

Want to be the “host with the most”?

These party entertainment ideas will have your guests talking for years to come.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or retirement, graduation or anniversary, parties are one of our favorite ways to celebrate with those we love the most. But food, drinks, and an awesome playlist are only the first part of planning.

To truly take your event to the next level, you need epic party entertainment!

From face painting to name art and beyond, here are our top ideas to consider for your next get-together.


Express Yourself With Tattoos

Temporary tattoos, that is!

Guests of all ages love the chance to express themselves artistically—even if the effect only lasts a couple of days. But tattoo options go much farther than the “peel and stick” versions you’re used to.

Airbrush tattoos last 3-5 days and can be as simple—or complex—as you like, while henna can last up to four weeks. You can even add a little sparkle with glitter or metallic tattoos.

Due to the wide range of possible designs, tattoos not only blend well with any themed event, we can promise you they are also loved by party guests of all ages!


illustration of the name zander

Custom Name Art

As Dale Carnegie once said, “a person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.” This is one of the reasons why personalized gifts are so popular!

Custom name art allows your guests to watch in awe as a professional artist brings their name to life. The result is more than a conversation piece, but a beautiful work of art they can enjoy for years to come.

Some of our favorite options are:


We can even airbrush guests’ names onto a t-shirt, hat, bag, or even cheer shorts!

neon caricature of a girl as a fairy

Next-Level Caricatures

We’ve all seen caricature artists at a theme park or corporate event, but this classic entertainment option has gotten a “facelift.”

You can now find caricatures in any style you like, from abstract to high fashion and everything in between.

Add color and pizzazz with Glam Portraits, capture their style with a Flash Portrait or Hair-icature, or celebrate their unique radiance with a digital Neon Portrait. Guests’ likenesses can even be added to coasters, bookmarks, ornaments, or wine corks for a fantastic party favor.

You can also let your guests skip the line altogether with our unique Hit & Run™ portraits. This type of caricature is done in “stealth mode,” so the model only finds out when their portrait is finished.

people looking at spin art

Make It Interactive

Interactive party entertainment lets you and your guests become a part of the action, leading to incredible memories (and a fantastic souvenir)!

With Sandbox Creations, party-goers not only get the joy of playing in the sand, they get to create their own custom artwork inspired by the soothing sights and sounds of the beach. Or make a splash with Spin Art, as your guests drip a variety of colors onto a spinning canvas to create a hypnotizing effect.

And you can never go wrong with Art Lessons taught by a professional cartoonist! Lessons are totally customizable and can be adapted for any age group.


Match Your Theme

When it comes to birthday party entertainment, face painting and balloon animals are a family-friendly staple. But if you’re hosting a themed event, it’s important to consider every detail.

Make sure your party entertainment matches the theme and vibe of the event you’re hosting. After all, what kind of superhero party would it be if your face paint artist doesn’t know how to paint Captain America?

Let’s Get This Party Started!

If you’re looking for the best party entertainer in Orlando, Florida, look no further than Artistic Talent Group.

Our party entertainment options go beyond the typical magic show and birthday princess. Instead, we specialize in sparking the joy of creativity while putting on an unforgettable show at events of any size.

From corporate events to birthday parties, we’ll make sure your party is one that they’ll be talking about for years.

Take your entertainment to a new level.