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Wedding Entertainment Ideas You Haven’t Seen

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Want to take your wedding reception to the next level?

Here are 15 unique wedding entertainment ideas your guests will love!

A wedding is not just a ceremony, it’s a celebration of love—and what better way to amplify this joyous occasion than with the perfect entertainment?

Whether you’re planning an intimate event with your closest friends and family or a lively night of dance and laughter, we’ve compiled an array of wedding entertainment ideas to suit every style, theme, and budget.

These options will not only enchant you and your partner, but they’ll keep your guests talking long after the last dance.

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Why You Need Wedding Entertainment

For years, wedding entertainment was limited to hiring a DJ or live band so your guests could dance the night away. While this is still an expected part of any wedding reception, modern couples are starting to get a bit more creative.

For one, not all guests enjoy dancing! In fact, there are probably a handful of people on your guest list who won’t end up on the dance floor.

Secondly wedding entertainment helps keep your guests (all of your guests) entertained whether they’re not one for the dance floor or they’re just taking a break.

Finally, live artists leave you with a unique keepsake from your big day in addition to your wedding photos.

How To Choose Your Wedding Entertainment

The more wedding entertainment options you find, the harder it is to choose between them! Here’s how to narrow your choices so you end up with the perfect solution for you.

If your wedding has a theme, this is a good place to start. For example, a mariachi band will fit right in at a Dia de los Muertos or Cinco de Mayo wedding, while a jazz band would be a better choice for a Great Gatsby-themed event.

You’ll also want to consider what your guests will enjoy the most based on their ages and interests. Depending on your guest list, you might want more than one entertainer.

Finally, consider whether you want a performance or something more interactive. Activities that invite audience participation (such as games and bounce houses) will have a different effect on your guests than a live performance.


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Wedding Entertainment Ideas

This isn’t your grandma’s wedding!

Here are 15 ideas that are sure to wow your guests and have them talking about your wedding day for years to come.

1. Live Event Painting

With a live event painter, your guests can watch the memorable moments of your wedding come to life on the page. Our artists will create a custom replica of your first dance, first kiss, or whatever moment you choose as your guests look on in amazement.

Your custom artwork is available in acrylic or watercolor and will be delivered to you by the end of the night!

2. Guest Portraits

At Artist Talent Group, our artists are able to offer customized, on-site portraits in a wide variety of styles. From the fun of a caricature to the clean modern lines of a flash portrait to the classic simplicity of a silhouette, there are numerous sketch and portrait options available as a way to enhance your wedding atmosphere.

To increase the “wow” factor, we also create portraits on coasters and wine corks!

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3. Henna Art

While this ancient art form is common in Indian weddings, it’s a fun activity for guests of all backgrounds!

Within 5 minutes, our henna artists are able to create intricate designs that last from 1-4 weeks.

4. Custom Poetry

There are few things as romantic as poetry, and with Artistic Talent Group, you can share the love with your wedding guests!

After learning a bit about the subject, our in-house poets will craft a custom poem on a vintage typewriter—right on the spot.

5. Photo Booth

While photo booths have become a bit of a mainstay at weddings, the newest wave of photo technology is sure to knock your guests off their feet.

Today’s photo booths are able to record short video messages, 360° videos in slow motion, boomerangs, and more!  Alternatively, you can ask your wedding photographer to set up an area for formal portraits of your guests (since they’re already dressed up).

6. Wedding Games

From lawn games—such as giant Jenga—to trivia, there’s nothing more fun than playing games at a wedding! We’ve even seen couples set up board game tables at their reception for guests to enjoy while others are dancing.

Bonus—game pieces, puzzle pieces, and Jenga pieces can serve as a unique wedding guestbook as well.

7. Musical Performances

As Shakespeare once said, “music is the food of love.” In addition to having a DJ or live band at your reception, musical performances can add life to your event.

A saxophonist, electric violinist, harpist, live percussionist, mariachi band…the choices are endless!

8. Live Performances

From dance to acrobatics and everything in between, a live performance is sure to be enjoyed by everyone!

Light up an outdoor wedding with fire performers, put on a Bollywood-worthy dance number, or entertain guests during cocktail hour with a live juggler.

9. Magician

Magicians are a great option for guests of all ages, even if you’re planning a child-free wedding.

You can hire a magician to roam during cocktail hour with up-close illusions or put on a show while the live band is taking a break. Either way, your guests will be amazed!

10. Silent Disco

Perfect for guest lists with a wide variety of musical tastes, silent discos allow individuals to customize the music for their own tastes.

Guests hit the dance floor with a pair of wireless headphones that they use to listen to their DJ (and their music style) of choice. Silent discos are not only a blast for your guests, they are a great way to get around any noise restrictions at your venue!

11. Casino Party

Casino parties bring all the thrill of a Vegas casino to your wedding (with none of the risk).

Invite guests to try their luck at blackjack, craps, roulette, or any of your favorite casino games. And the best part? There’s no money on the line, so everyone is free to play as much as they want.

12. Video Game Truck

If your wedding will have kids in attendance (or just kids at heart!), what better way to keep them occupied and entertained than video games?

Mobile arcades can park right outside your venue, so you don’t need to worry about setup, troubleshooting, or cheers disturbing your reception.

13. Craft Corner

It doesn’t always take a lot to keep a child entertained. A small table with coloring pages, crayons, and a variety of art supplies will keep the fun going all night long.

14. Interactive Food Stations

From carving stations to ice cream sundae bars, interactive food stations are more popular than ever, and we love seeing the creative ways that couples are feeding their wedding guests. Some popular offerings these days include coffee carts, candy bars, and food trucks.

Bring Your Wedding To Life!

If you want your wedding to be the talk of the town and the envy of all, your choice of entertainment should not be made lightly.

Thankfully, Artistic Talent Group has plenty of options to make sure that you (and your guests) have the night of your lives.

From caricature artists to poets, our artists are trained in a wide variety of event entertainment techniques designed to bring maximum enjoyment to all ages.

Take your entertainment to a new level.