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Performance Painting


MARCO ANTONIO GARCIA is a self-taught Artist deeply rooted by his Mexican culture.

Garcia has found inspiration in the detailed paintings of the Alebrije’s wooden mythical animals popularized in Mexico in the ’70s and ’80s. He is also inspired by ancient Mayan Art and famous Mexican Artists Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo, and Diego Rivera.

His approach to creating art often begins with a randomly drawn abstract sketch. At times he creates from no sketch at all. He then builds the rest of the composition while keeping in mind the space to be utilized. He tries to never overinfluence the art itself with the vast amount of visual media we have available today.

Garcia believes being influenced by other Artists and Artforms is a great way to become inspired as long as it doesn’t inhibit his own creative direction and become a crutch in the creative process. When not in the studio creating art, he enjoys creating original works of art, affordable to the average person, which is why he has been a contracted Caricature and Silhouette Artist at the Walt Disney World Resort for the past 20 years.

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We Paint While YOU Party!

A perfect painting is the frozen evidence of a great performance…and we know how to perform! Watch your event unfold LIVE on canvas as our brilliant Performance Painter entertains as he creates artful, abstract magic.

Our Performance Painter is EXTRA ordinary taking the ordinary and making it unique. Images are created in many different mediums. Some pieces are made with spray paint to create funky graffiti art, and others with classic acrylic paints and a brush. Some are large, others small, some are short, others tall!

Abstract Performance Painting
Abstract Performance Painting

Our performance painter has taken part in a myriad of events from large convention group gatherings to intimate wedding receptions. Charity galas are also popular, such as the Give Kids the World Annual Gala and Fundraiser pictured below.  The painting was themed to the event and auctioned off upon completion.  Profits were given back to the charity. This interactive art option provides hours of entertainment for onlooking guests.

Working directly with clients for ideas and inspiration, our Artist creates a rough design sketch to match any event or party theme. Different size canvases or displays are available, the only limit is your imagination!