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Pancake Art

ART you can EAT!

Look out Aunt Jemima, there’s a new kid in town! Our Professional Pancake Artist is sure to be a syrupy-sweet addition to parties and events.

Pancake Art is created live and guaranteed to hit your senses hard; SMELL the sweet aroma, SEE the cool designs and TASTE the deliciousness of this edible ART form. Yes, it’s art you can eat! Portraits, logos, and designs are created out of 100% edible pancake batter.

We pour, design and flip pancakes designed to complement any event theme. This live visual artform is guaranteed to be totally unique, fun and entertaining for all ages.  Who doesn’t love a good pancake???

Pancake Art is carefully crafted on a griddle/frying pan using pancake batter as the medium applied through our specially designed pancake pen. Batters containing different food coloring may be used to create a colorful piece or contrasting shades that can be achieved by allowing parts of the image to cook longer.

We are capable of multiple formats, color packages, dietary restrictions, and styles. *Batter contains eggs and soy.  Gluten-free option and other dietary restriction options are available.

Stop waffling around and contact us today for a Flippin’ great time!

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