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Hit & Run

This artwork is an ATG ORIGINAL!

Designed by our creative development team, this is not your classic caricature! No lines, no waiting. The only lines here are on the paper! Our Hit & Run Artists draw in “stealth” mode out of sight. Because the artists are in “stealth” mode, they can move around the event. This allows them to get a good cross-section of the group being drawn (and they can draw guests who don’t want to sit and wait for a “typical” caricature).

When the art is complete, the artist gives (hits), the unsuspecting guest(s) the drawing, which is more of a figure sketch or cartoon sketch rather than a caricature. Then the artist disappears (runs) and is off to draw the next targets, hence the name “Hit & Run!” This concept was created for extremely LARGE groups because they allow the artists to “hide” in plain sight and maintain the element of surprise.

The Hit & Run concept is offered in a black & white option and can also be enhanced with custom paper or upgraded to digital drawings! Our black and white artwork is created using ink on 8.5” x 11” heavy stock paper. Some finished pieces may include gray tones.

View samples of the concepts below, or request a quote today to book a “Hit & Run” artist for your next event!

Guests are always surprised that they didn’t notice they were being drawn!

Hit & Run on Paper

Digital Hit & Run

Make your artwork come to life with our Digital Time-Lapse Upgrade!