Our Fashion Sketch artists translate your guests into beautiful works of art, making them look and feel like they’re ready for the runway!

We developed this Artistic Talent Group Exclusive through our creative development team for Fashion Week at Mall of Millennia. From the sleek pages of classic Vogue and GQ to the popular Project Runway television show, Fashion Sketch is an art form that EVERYONE is familiar with.

The long, elegant sketches capture the feel of the clothes and the essence of the subject. Your event guests are illustrated in an elegant, “high-fashion” style. Their shoes, handbags, dresses, suits, or whatever they are wearing are all given a look that is worthy of the top fashion magazines. This artwork is perfect for adding an extra touch of class to elegant events. Even if your guests don’t look like supermodels, our artists will make them look like they do!

*Virtual Offering Available

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Classic Black & White or Color

Our standard Fashion Sketches are black, white, and gray and are 7″x14″. They can also be rendered in color and drawn in traditional media as a product upgrade.

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Fast Talent!

Our Fashion Sketch artists are talented AND quick! This is obviously a time lapse video, but our artists complete each sketch in approximately five minutes!

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Everyone is a Model!

Here are some live fashion sketches from recent events as well as the “models!”

Great for Groups!

This group of co-workers received custom Fashion Sketches drawn from photos. Here is the big reveal when they all saw their drawings at the same time!

Bridal Sketches

“The Great Reveal!”

Custom Paper

As an upgrade option, the artist’s paper can be custom printed. Paper can be designed with anything including a names, clip-art, hand drawn designs, logos, or even a special date.

Additional Upgrades:

Art Protectors | 7×14 Frames

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