No Paper, No Pens, No Problem!
*The FUTURE of caricatures is here!*

What is a Digi-Toon?

It is a caricature drawn directly on an electronic device. The Digi-Toons Caricature is a totally “green” caricature! Everyone is enamored with their electronic devices these days, and event guests are shocked when they watch what our artists can create on them! Take what you *think* you know about caricatures and push it aside… We are about to introduce you to the hottest new thing in the world of caricatures!

*Virtual Options Available

How it Works

Guests are drawn directly on the touch screen and receive a business card when the drawing is complete.  The card has simple directions on how to download the artwork after the event.  Guests print out the drawing at home and can use it as their profile picture on Facebook or other social media outlet.

To see a sample of what your guests will see at the download site, go to this link:

The password is “samples.”  Here, you will be able to view samples of artwork from previous events.

Clients can link the action to large screen monitors as an option for waiting guests. Custom borders and company logos are an impressive upgrade to this type of caricature. The photos below show a sample of the HD monitor set-up option that we can also provide for your event. This allows guests to view the artist’s line work in action as it is created.

Cutting Edge Technology

Prints are available at the event as an upgrade option. The set-up with a printer is very clean and simple! Prints of the artwork are 4×6 in size.

The set-up for Digi-Toons is simple. The artist can set-up at any small table with two chairs.

Get Your Digital Download!

A business card is given to the guest after the drawing is complete. It contains instructions on how to download the image directly to a computer or electronic device.

Upgrades Available!

Art Protectors | Custom Template/Logo | 4×6 Prints | Display Monitor