Our Chocolate Artist provides highly unique experiences proven to contribute to an event’s success. Ranked as one of the best chocolatiers and artists in the world, he interacts with guests as he sculpts in luxurious chocolate. All the while guests experience divine, world-class, never-had-so-good chocolates that go with every sculpture and/or created for takeaways.

Every detail is taken into account in order to provide a jaw-dropping, WOW, Instagram worthy experience from the aroma of the sustainable chocolate, to the sculpture coming alive, to the fascinating interaction with guests. At the end of the day, it’s all about a world-class, stunning experience thrilling audiences with rare experiences of a lifetime.

This classically trained fine artist has turned his passion for luxurious foods and sculpting into innovative live entertainment. A Food Network Challenge winner, he has carved everything, including life-size celebrities, zombies, animals, and corporate logos from chocolate. What sets him apart is the incredible speed at which he sculpts. He has created art at galleries, corporate events, private occasions, and museums worldwide.

Our Chocolate Carver Can Make Anything out of Chocolate!

From chocolate sculptures of wild animals to famous celebrities.

Gastronomic Delights

He can also carve simple (for HIM) custom gastronomic delights of your choosing.

Branded and Corporate Logos

Even corporate logos can be carved out of delicious chocolate!

Artistic Talent Group’s Chocolate Sculptor can do it all!