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Body Painting

Body Painting

Body painting is a form of body art.  Unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and can last several hours or many weeks!

Body Painting continues to be on the cutting edge in today’s entertainment industry.  Our artists come to your event and create “living art” in front of your guests’ eyes.  Painting logos or advertisements for your corporation is considered a uniquely creative way to capture the attention of prospective clients and creates a strong visual impact that is not to be forgotten!

An Artistic Talent Group specialty, we use only the finest, hypoallergenic, body paint available.  Highly professional, artistic, creative and fun, Artistic Talent Group represents artists on both the east and west coast to be available ANYWHERE in the United States!

Our artists have created intricate designs on Cirque performers, aerialists, and a variety of interactive performers!