Artistic Marbling is an interactive guest experience and is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Our artists work side by side with your guests to assist them in creating a one of a kind marbled design!  

Your guests become the artist!



Guests marble on a 5″x10″ artist’s quality fabric paper.  Once the paper dries (within minutes) they are able to leave with an artistic item they have created all on their own.  

5″x5″ frames are provided to frame their artwork for display in their home or office!


Guests are able to choose up to 4 colors from a selection of paint colors.  They are then guided by the artisan to lay the paints one drop at a time.  Once the paint has been dispersed, a variety of tools are used to create patterns and designs on the water.

Once the desired pattern is achieved, the masa is laid on to the Magic Water and the paint and pattern are immediately transferred!


This design can never be duplicated and will be admired for years to come!