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Airbrush Art

Personalized Designs For Your Guests

Our Airbrush Artists create custom, personalized designs for your guests. Guests watch as their names are creatively airbrushed on a variety of items. Choose from T-shirts, trucker hats, visors, pennants, towels, bags, and even cheer shorts!

*Virtual Options Available

Options Available!

Below are samples of items that can be sprayed as take-home gifts.

Hats | T-Shirts | Bags | Cheer Shorts | Basketball Shorts | Tank Tops | Drink Coozies

Wine Bags | Premium Tote Bags | Standard Tote Bags

How It Works

Party guests select the design style for their name from a sample board. Guests also choose what colors they would like!

Airbrush Work Stations

Airbrush FAQs

Can you paint more than one type of item at an event?

Yes. We can paint T-shirts, hats, visors, etc. You choose whatever combination of available items that you would like! Typically, customers select one item so their guests will receive the same party favor. This also prevents guests from requesting multiple items. There is an upgrade fee for additional items. The Airbrush Artist’s pricing INCLUDES all items sprayed during the event.

Can you paint items other than the ones listed?

Yes. If you would like something that is not listed here, let us know! We can custom order a wide variety for your event.

How many items can be painted at an event?

Approximately 20-25 items can be painted per hour with a name design. Custom designs take longer and reduce the speed of production. An Assistant for the Airbrush Artist can be booked for an additional fee. The Assistant will take guests’ names and help guests with design selections and color choices. This allows the Airbrush Artist to focus on painting and increases productivity.

Can I supply the items to be sprayed?

Yes, however, the airbrush process restricts the ability to paint some items. Cotton/polyester fabrics are best. Light colors are a must. All items must be approved in advance.

What are the set-up requirements?

Each Airbrush Artist will need one 8-foot table or two 6-foot tables. A minimum foot space of 10X10 is required. This space will accommodate the airbrush easel, silent air compressor, a supply of merchandise, sample design display, and a table. The Airbrush Artist will also need access to a power outlet. A generator can be provided for an additional fee.

How long does set-up take?

Set-up takes approximately 30 minutes.

Are there any paint fumes?

No. All of our paints are water-based and non-toxic.

Will the shirts be ready to wear at the event?

Yes. The paint typically takes 5-10 minutes to dry. After that, the shirts are ready to wear.

Will the T-shirt designs wash out?

The design can be made permanent by simply ironing it. Each shirt comes with a set of care instructions and will last countless washings.