Each Piece is a Truly Unique Work of Art Created “Picasso-Style”

Digital abstract art drawings are available for unique special events.  Your guests will be amazed to see this bold artwork created right before their eyes!  Each piece is original and may be designed in a “Picasso-esque” style, the classic design style of the famous Sardi’s Broadway caricatures, or in a new style no one’s ever seen!

Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a style. Digital abstract caricatures take approximately 10 minutes per photo. Digital media can be viewed, distributed, and preserved on digital electronic devices.

Every face is different, so why shouldn’t the styles depicting them be different?

Our digital abstract artists distill each face down to its essence. Sometimes this will cause the artist to change skin and hair colors, or even delete a feature (or TWO), while STILL capturing the person’s likeness.

No paper? No problem!

Our artists draw your guests LIVE on a digital tablet!  Patrons are astounded by the quality of the artist’s work and are fascinated by their ability to navigate the latest and most cutting edge software programs.

With the ease and speed of coloring, coupled with an endless palette of colors, textures and sharp digital lines, digital abstract caricatures offer many benefits!

Download codes are available for guests to retrieve their artwork in a digital format.
Upgrades include display monitors, onsite printing and custom branded templates.

Upgrades Available!

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