This Artist can perform remotely!

Virtual Artists work remotely from their art studio via ZOOM. Guests log onto the virtual platform, and the artist draws the guest LIVE from the computer screen. Previously a guest would sit across from the artist during a live event. The only difference is now the guest is on camera from the safety of their home. The guest will “queue” into our virtual waiting room via the website or app, as if they were waiting in an actual line. Once the previous drawing is complete, the next guest in the queue goes online. The artwork is uploaded for complimentary downloading or sharing. As an upgrade option, paper prints can also be mailed to the guests at the end of the session.

Get the Paparazzi ready!

 You don’t have to be famous to live out your red-carpet moment. Bring the “Land of Make-believe” to your next event with OLD-HOLLYWOOD CARICATURES!

Relive the golden age as our artist draws guests in a vintage, timeless style adding that regal glamour to each unique drawing.

This sophisticated art style was inspired by the American caricaturist Al Hirschfeld.  He created simplified line art with spot-on likenesses of icons that epitomized Hollywood celebrities and Broadway stars.  Hirschfeld was famous for his contributions to The New York Times for more than SEVEN DECADES. Now you can give guests that same VIP look, with a nod to the late Hirschfeld.

Using our classic Black & White theme, these elegant and sleek drawings can be custom branded with your logo, name, or event theme.

Watch guests become legends in their own minds as they are transformed into the Old-Hollywood version of themselves. Artwork worthy of display throughout the walls of the famous Sardi’s restaurant in New York City!

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