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Wire Art

Marco Antonio, Artistic Talent Group’s EXCLUSIVE Wire Artist, turns wires into a treasured keepsake!  

Event guests watch their name or word come together…. from a single continuous piece of wire.

Marco Antonio has been providing artistic entertainment to the special events industry for decades.  

He is skilled in a variety of artistic mediums and is always a customer favorite.



First names, last names, inspirational words, company names, can all be designed.  

Guests have the option of enhancing their design with a flower, heart, shamrock and endless other objects.  

He can even create a “swirl” which enables the artwork to morph into a display for a business card or photograph (see below).   




Wire Art can also be used to create customized place cards for a dinner table setting!

Guests are tickled to see their name designed with this fun and whimsical twist.




You can even turn your design into a business card holder or bracelet!


To the theme of this Tropical event, Marco Antonio added fun details to each design.

Guests loved the unique Dolphins, palm trees and flamingos!