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Tiki Toons

A Tropical Twist on the Digital Caricature!

A Tiki is a sculpture endowed with an important spiritual and symbolic force, originating from the Marquesas Islands, and usually representing a modified man. The Tiki is a real emblem of French Polynesia and holds a significant position in the local culture. A fit for Polynesian and Hawaiian themed events, artists draw your guests and morph them into their own personalized Tiki! Through the digital medium, wood-like textures are seen throughout the piece.

The American fascination with what would come to be known as tiki culture began more than 100 years ago. The most famous are the “Moai”, the monumental statues of Easter Island.


Watch your artwork come to life with our time-lapse upgrade!

The artist has a small footprint for set up. They will need two chairs, a small skirted table and access to power. Each drawing takes approximately 5-7 minutes.  4×6 prints are included with this digitally created product as well as a complimentary digital image gallery.  
To see a sample of what your guests will see at the download site, go to this link:
The password is “samples.” Here, you will be able to view samples of artwork from previous events.

What is Tiki?!

Tiki Statues were carved as images of gods and their specific powers. It was believed that tribes were able to attain protection from harm and help strengthen their army in times of war! Tiki Statues were also thought to help natives with food and the growth of successful crops!


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