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Sand Art

Our sand sculpting team creates numerous sand statues every year!  From small tabletop designs, to walk through sand sculptures, our artists sculpt the highest quality sand sculptures around the world.

Materials are as simple as sand and water (no cement or fixatives). The sand is compacted into wood forms at first, but all forms are removed as the sand within is sculpted from the top, down. Sculptures can be created indoors or outdoors.

The size of the team sent to carve will vary according to the performance time requested and the complexity of design.

Our artists can create everlasting memories with sand sculptures. What better way to celebrate marriage (new or old) than with personalized sand art!

Market your brand with sand sculptures to add a unique touch to your advertising!

Perfect for Grand Openings, Theme Parks, Festivals, Corporate Events, Photo Opportunities, Fund Raisers, Interactive Experiences, Parties, Convention Booths, Weddings, and more!