Monochromatic Moments


What is a “Monochromatic Moment”?

Monochromatic is containing, or the use of, only one color. Capture the moment, any moment, in the color of your choice.

With the monochromatic concept, our artist creates “color-neutral paintings” so the observer is able to develop the true colors with their own imagination.  The color choice is yours.  Artwork is created on an 18×24 canvas.

Brides can have the artist paint in their wedding colors as she paints the first kiss, vows, or even the ring exchange!

These two reference photos were used to make a special painting for this bride and groom.  Combining these two photos, the artist was able to capture the special moment as they shared their vows to each other.

Corporate Event?

We will create a scene for your event in your company colors!

Additional color choices can be requested at discretion of the artist for the success of the final piece.  Every painting is a customizable collaboration between the client and the Artistic Talent Group creative specialists.