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Art Protectors, Bags, Frames, & Tubes

We offer our clients several different options for the completed artwork, for a small additional charge. These items not only help protect the artwork but also provide a way for the Guest to safely transport it home. When booking an artist, let us know if you are interested in any of these additional options, and we will gladly provide you with a quote!

Art Protectors

This protective acetate sleeve holds sturdy supportive cardboard, to ensure that the artwork does not get damaged. It also has an adhesive flap that easily seals the art to further protect it. Art Protectors also allow the artwork to be displayed in a safe manner, without concealing the caricature, so Guests easily show it off to other Guests before they take it home. This item is priced at an additional flat rate per hour.

Art Protectors (Deluxe)

A protective acetate sleeve holds a sturdy supportive WHITE board.  The sleek white finish is different than the standard brown cardboard.  This protective sleeve will elegantly protect your artwork.  The adhesive flap further protects it, while the art can be easily viewed. This item is priced at an additional flat rate per hour.

Clear Plastic Bags

These are 11X14 in size. Bags are priced out per hour.


Our custom frames are either 7×14 or 11X14 in size and are specially made for Artistic Talent Group. Finished in classic black wooden molding, our frames complement and enhance the artwork. Frames are priced out per unit.