The rich aroma of Dark Roast Coffee mingles with the splash & stroke of an artist’s paint brush.  Mikel creates original works of art using one of the most beloved beverages of the ages, COFFEE!

“Coffee is my exclusive painting medium.  I have done extensive research into the chemistry and scientific processes required to ensure my coffee paintings have the durability and longevity of fine artwork. During the Renaissance, the artists were also “Chemists” & “Scientists” of the age, striving to learn how they could better protect their art, and develop unique colors that would distinguish them from their contemporaries.” – Steven Mikel

Starting with a basic compositional intent, Mikel applies a manipulated under-painting of dark coffee washes to a stretched canvas.  Once dry, he then systematically removes and applies additional layers of coffee using various absorbent materials, brushes and implements to create the intricate sepia toned abstractions.

Mikel uses large amounts of liquid and creative tools such as old T-shirts, rope, string, palette knives, etc., to manipulate the canvas during the event.

A Unique Brew
Abstract Painting with coffee for *live* events!


Each of Mikel’s abstract paintings contains anywhere from 60 to 150 cups of brewed coffee!

Pour Overs

Like viewing the world through a rainy pane of glass, these abstract paintings are primarily created with layer upon layer of splashed, poured, dribbles and splattered washes of liquid coffee all carefully directed by the artist as he turns, tips and swivels the canvas in such a way to bring depth to the flowing textures.

Dark Roast Masquerade

Dripping Strata


Way Out West

Ebb and Flow

Forest for the Trees

Fireworks N’ Fireflies




Wind in the Wheat

Pour Over

Mountain Storm

Rainy Pane


Turning Point


Coffee & T’s

These paintings are interwoven patterns, complex abstracts or even elaborate architecture and landscapes.  The artist works on a canvas covered with dark coffee wash, while using old T’shirts soaked in coffee.  He systematically places and removes the damp shirt to uncover his desired forms and textures on the canvas.


Casting Nets


Cosmic Creations

These paintings resemble the mysteries of deep space and are created using spherical objects.  The artist “breathes” life into the canvas as he makes large splashes with coffee.  He moves the liquid sepia tones into place with his own breath either directly, or with a long rubber tube for more detailed manipulation.


In the Beginning

Alignment 2


Far Beyond

Custom Logo

Your business logo can be applied over the top of any of the Coffee Creations styles.

Every finished Coffee Creation is sealed with Mikel’s unique archival process that protects the surface of the coffee painting and allows for close examination, routine dusting and even occasional light cleaning with a damp sponge or cloth!


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Wickie Way

Trinity Parish

Tied Down

Tangled Trio

The Victor

The Two Towers

St. Augustine Daymark

Protecting the Bridge

Spring Has Sprung

Resting Oak

Dr. Phillips Center South

Shocks and Tassels

Pumpkin Patch Floor

Old Residences


Love Unfolding

Last Light


Golden Linings

Game Changer

Foggy Mirror

Florida Fans

Grill and Tower

By Any Other Name

Ancient City Latch

Brick Work

A Little Frosting

Boney Fingers


“Working in both Realism and Abstract Expressionism allows me to share physically what caught my eye, as well as, the intangible spiritual heart of what inspired me.” ~ Mikel